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Becoming a Host Partner means participating in a Screen Sharing Program with other non-competitive business locations in your area. 

You will have the unique ability to continually communicate with existing customers at your own location as well as with existing and potential new customers outside your location. 

Your name, your brand and your message will be played thousands of times at any number of business locations in addition to your own.  The content of your message is up to you, but commonly include your products, services, specials and other exciting information.



Target New and Existing Customers where they Eat, Drink, Wait, Workout and Play! 

Don’t waste your hard earned advertising dollars on throw away mail box ads

Be Seen – By the customers you want to see you

Be Known – In your community, your target areas

Be Remembered – When they think of your Product or Service, they think of you !

We Offer:

Full Motion, Print, Social Media, Targeted Ads, Reputation Management, Web Sites, Google My Business, e-Mail Campaigns, 

All at a fraction of the cost of the old fashion print media.

Contact us today to Start as low as $150 per month*

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